The Ultimate Dice and Bits Draw Bag


Perfect for board gamers for holding dice, chits, bits, chips, etc



We designed this bag to be perfect for board gamers for holding dice, chits, bits, chips, etc.

All dimensions are approximate:
Height: 6″
Bottom: 4″x4″
Opening: 5″

  • Made from soft velvet
  • Light brown outside and dark brown inside
  • Spacious – Holds lots of dice
  • Square bottom – allows the bag to stand up and stay open for easy access
  • Two spring-load cord toggles to keep the bag closed tight

As board gamers, most dice bags fall flat (literally) when you want to use them as a draw bag. We wanted to create a bag that STAYS OPEN and upright during play sessions.

Lately we’ve been using the bag for Charterstone to hold the peril tokens.

Of course this bag is also great for lugging your dice to your game night too, with twin spring loaded toggles to keep your dice safe and secure.

Please note that the Bag does not come with the dice, these are just included for display – I’m sure most folks would realize this, but there’s always one in every crowd 🙂