Twilight Imperium: The Clan of Saar

From the strategy guide written by Stefan Sasse

Racial Ability:

  • Gain 1 Trade Good every time you acquire a new planet
  • You may fulfill objectives even if you don’t control your Home System
  • Your Space Docks have a movement of one but may not build in the same activation as they move
  • Your Space Docks are not placed on planets and have a build limit of 4 each. They are destroyed when alone with an enemy ship

Starting Techs:

  • Antimass Deflectors
  • XRD Transporters

Leaders: Agent, Admiral, General

Representative 1: Elder Gurno (S, B)  +0. Choose unrevealed Representative. He may not use any power on you.

Representative 2: Elder Sarrig (C)  +4. Gain +3 votes if you are the Speaker.

Representative 3: Melkov (S)  +2. Choose outcome. Gain 1 Trade Good for every player voting that way.

Racial Tech 1: Floating Factories (3)  Space Dock may sustain 5 Fighters and have a build limit of 5. Additionally, they get +1 movement.

Racial Tech 2: Chaos-Mapping (2)  You may activate an Asteroid Field. Your Fleet Supply limit in it is 3 (which cannot be modified).

Starting Units:

  • 4 Ground Forces
  • 2 Carriers
  • 2 Fighters
  • 1 Cruiser

Trade Agreements:  2,2

Homesystem:  Lisis II (1/0), Ragh (2/1)

Flagship: Son of Ragh (10/6×3/1/4)  This ship rolls four dice for your anti- Fighter barrage.


The Clan of Saar consists of the most despised race in the galaxy, the notorious Saar, an oppressed race without a home, scattered through the galaxy. But when one of their leaders heard the call and found the twin asteroids of Lisis II and Ragh, he summoned his people there, and now the Saar are eager to show the galaxy that they are capable of more than just floor wiping. The Clan of Saar plays differently from any other race and is thus perhaps not the best horse to bet on for a beginner in Twilight Imperium 3. This different feeling originates in their racial abilities.

The first and most important ability concerns their Space Docks. They behave totally different than you are accustomed to. Saar Space Docks are not tied to a special planet like normal; they always have a build capacity of four. Additionally, the Space Docks are able to move around at a speed of one, so the Saar can roam through the galaxy free of all bounds.

To ensure this, their second racial ability cancels the normal restriction of scoring Victory Points that you need to control your Home System. The Saar can easily dismiss their Home System and search for better places in the galaxy.

The last racial ability is yet another incentive to do so: every time you acquire a new planet, you get one Trade Good. So, the more planets you take and retake, the more Trade Goods that will come pouring in. Especially in the beginning this is a very powerful boost.

Accordingly, the Home System of the Saar is crappy. Ragh has a mere 2/1, and Lisis II only 1/0. You don’t need the Home System for anything, so feel free to desert it for more juicy objectives. Only thing to remember is that you might present someone with a very cheap opportunity in fulfilling the Secret Objective requiring him to conquer an enemy Home System. The more you spread out in the beginning, the stronger you get, since every conquered planet gives you an additional Trade Good with which to build up forces quickly.

Your two starting techs perfectly suit you for this quick expansion style: Antimass Deflectors and XRD Transporters make for a versatile fleet. Personally, I wouldn’t bother with many of the red techs. You don’t need War Suns, and you won’t rely too heavily on Cruisers and Destroyers, not to mention Dreadnoughts. Like the Naalu, the Saar are a race for Fighters. You can create tons of them once you’ve researched your racial tech, which should be imperative.

This racial tech, “Floating Factories”, allows you not only to move your Space Docks as fast as the rest of your fleet, but also enhances the build limit and the Fighter capacity. You can produce 12 Fighters with every build then, and sustain 15 alone with the Space Docks, not to speak of the four Carriers you may have around too. And best thing is: the Space Docks don’t count towards the Fleet Supply! Their second racial tech, “Chaos Mapping”, allows you to actually enter Asteroid Fields. That’s cool, because no other race can do it, but with the Fleet Supply limitation of three I the use for it is limited. Normally, Asteroid Fields are used as highways to quickly pass space that can’t be occupied. Now, the Saar can block these routes, and that’s the main thing you want to do with this tech. The enemy can only clear you out with Planetary Defense System shots, and that’s not really cost efficient, while you can close a valuable route to everyone else except for you.

The starting units of the Saar are good: two Carriers, four Ground Forces to grab planets and some protection in the beginning. With this, you should be able to take a bigger part of the galaxy than many other races, and the best parts also!

Another great advantage of the Saar is their Leader combination. An Agent is always welcome, the Admiral can improve your strongest ship (like the Dreadnought you may want to buy when you reach Fighter capacity) and the Diplomat, well – the Saar don’t rely on planets as much as other races do since they don’t have their Space Docks attached to them, so you might chose to use him in a more offensive way by taking planets and preventing recapture with the Diplomat. Remember, it’s absolutely no problem to lose planets, since when you take them back, you also gain Trade Goods.

The representatives of the Saar are more subtle than others. Generally more vulnerable than most, they can influence the vote, secure themselves and gain some few extra votes. Most of the time you will want to try and position yourself into a safe position using Elder Gurno, but sometimes the abilities of the other two may be just the thing you need to either decide a vote or to gain crucial additional Trade Goods.

Their flagship is nice. Nice isn’t something you want to be, as anyone who is “the best friend” of a hot girl knows. If your enemy goes for a Fighter heavy build, you may want to have it if you have maxed out your Destroyers already, but in the end, its severe movement restrictions, limited capacity and mediocre shooting power doesn’t justify the cost.

A weakness of the Saar is simultaneously their strength: with all three Space Docks packed in one system, they have the biggest Fighter blob ever created in a single system. But a bunch of Destroyers and a Friendly Fire AC later, this may be reduced to dust. Space Docks can’t pull back, so with this bubble of firepower, you have all your eggs in one basket and are somewhat immobile. So choose wisely whether you want to go this path or whether you want to create two or even three independently-operating fleets roaming the galaxy and taking what they can.

The downside of this second tactic is that you will have no friends with it, since you have to grab opportunities everywhere they create themselves, but the obvious bonus is that you will stack Trade Goods by constantly conquering planets. When you have carved out a suitable place in the galaxy for the Clan, which may be on the opposite side of the galaxy from where you started, you may create the Fighter blob of doom with your three Space Docks and give out the Trade Agreement you have to secure some friends you didn’t hit recently.

5 thoughts on “Twilight Imperium: The Clan of Saar

  1. hi, i think these saars should be played like gypsies and an idea how to play this race is, don’t take care about your home system, don’t build big fleets, just small fast fleets to conquer planets fast, maybe with cruisers upgraded with the stasis capsules or single fast carriers filled with stuff. be everywhere at the same time. if possible grab an enemys home system for more recource income. don’t take care to defend a single system for a long time. travel arround the systems and try to confuse your enemies. if there is any asterois field in the universe, get the chaos mapping technology and hide your space docs in it. at next try to get the integrated economy technology to drop the new produced ships into the adjacent systems from the asteroid fields. if there is no AC or some other effect which destroys a spacedock, nobody should ever be able to destroy them in the asteroid fields and you can start to terrorize the other players with taking over their planets. you don’t need a defence strategy. make small suicide squads with the one and only goal, taking over as much planetes as possible as fast as possible with the lowest cost as possible and the other players will hate you.

  2. Love your guides. Just something to point out, with Enviro Compensators and the racial tech, Saar SDs can have a production limit of 6, so that means 18 fighters in a hex with three SD, as opposed to the 15 stated above. Then tack on your carriers and you’ve got the most impressive fighter force on the board!

  3. Hi, your guides are very usefull and fu to read! I wanted to tell you that I think there is a mistake, Saar don’t have a Diplomat, but instead they have a General! 😉

  4. These guys are weeeeeeak. I’d put them in the bottom 3 races in the game (along with Xxcha and Yin).

    Their abilities look interesting on paper, but hardly ever come into play. Not being able to build on and move their docks in the same round makes their mobility pretty moot, and anyone remotely threatened by your fighter blob can easily just get automated turrets to swat it down.

    The one, the ONLY thing Saar have going for them is starting XRD tech with 2 carriers. But then, so do the Yssaril who get the best special abilities in the game to boot.

    Like the Xxcha, I’ve never seen a game where these guys didn’t wallow in last or next to last place the entire time. They’re also the only race along with Xxcha that I’ve seen wiped out and eliminated during a game.

  5. My last TI game (4 players) I won with the Clan of Saar. For most of the game I was slightly behind and I gained a lot of points in the last two rounds, so I ‘Blitzkrieged’ in the end.

    I actually do like to go for WarSuns with the Clan of Saar. I find myself a nice spot to make into my main base, where I produce for a few rounds. Once you’ve build a mighty fleet, you can go forwards on a rampage (usually towards Mecatol Rex or an opponents Home Planet) and once arrived on your destination, you can use the space dock(s) you brought along to reinforce your fleet on the spot. That’s the real advantage with the Clan of Saar: you reinforce your fleet wherever it is. Other players need to fly their reinforcements from their home planet towards the scene of action.

    I have the feeling mobility 2 is very important in TI. With the right techs, Clan of Saar can achieve this for all their important ships (carriers, warsuns, space docks). Saar starts out with very mobile carriers.

    Your space docks are vulnerable though. Never leave them alone: others players will go out of their way to snipe a lone space dock. If your great forward fleet is totally destroyed, so is the space dock that went along with it.

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