Twilight Imperium: The Embers of Muaat

From the strategy guide written by Stefan Sasse

Racial Ability:

  • You may move through, but not stop in, Supernovas
  • Your War Suns have a base movement of 1 unless Deep Space Cannon is researched
  • As an action, spend one CC from SA to place two Fighters or one Destroyer in any system containing one of your SD or War Suns

Starting Techs:

  • Enviro Compensator
  • Sarween Tools
  • Warsun

Leaders: General, Scientist, Diplomat

Representative 1: Moltosh Flae (C)   If you have a War Sun in, or adjacent to, the MR system, gain +4 votes.

Representative 2: Hosh Gahloki (S)  +0. Assassinate. If he is killed, draw 1AC.

Representative 3: Flaim Haash (B)  +1. If this card is targeted by a Spy, the player controlling the Spy receives -5 votes.

Racial Tech 1: Magmus Reactor (5)  Warsuns gain +1 Movement and have a base cost of 10.

Racial Tech 2: Nova Seed (3)  As an action, you may remove this card from the game to replace a system you control with a Supernova system tile. This may not be used on Mecatol Rex, a Home System, or adjacent to a red-bordered system.

Starting Units:

  • 4GF
  • 2 Fighters
  • 1 Warsun

Trade Agreements:  2,2

Homesystem:  Muaat (4/1)

Flagship: The Inferno (10 / 5×3 / 1 / 4)  As an action, you may spend 1 CC from SA to produce one free Cruiser in this system.


The Muaat were once the workhorses of the Hylar, their very own slaves. Their planet lays abroad the common travel routes, and it is here that the Hylar once designed the great War Suns before the technology got lost in the wake of the Twilight Wars. The Muaat used the chaos to rid themselves of the Hylar and remained quiet, preserving the secret of War Sun construction. Therefore, they are the only race not only starting with the technology but also with a War Sun themselves!

Of course, over the centuries some wisdom got lost, and the War Suns of the Muaat lack the speed of the old ones. Their most disstressing racial ability restrains the movement of their War Suns to one unless they have researched Deep Space Cannon, which you should do as soon as possible. Your War Sun may look impressive, but it is a very lame duck in the beginning.

Your second racial ability allows you to move through Supernovae like other races with researched Antimass Deflectors move through Asteroid Fields. The real power of this ability lies within the fact that many players tend to forget it. If they placed a Supernova to protect themselves, they really opened you a direct route into their heart. Better still, you can put down a Supernova in the galaxy setup and pretend it being a favor which you might even get paid for!

The third racial ability you have is a valuable one. For the expense of a CC from SA, it allows you to spawn either a Destroyer or two Fighters at any of your War Suns. This not only gives you the chance to replenish the Fighter cover without flying to a SD, but also gives you the valuable capability of stalling, provided you have enough CC in SA.

The home planet of the Muaat is anything but great. It’s only one planet with a meager four resources and no votes to speak of. You have to expand quickly to a system giving you a reasonable build limit while still protecting your home. This problem the Muaat share with the Mentak.

Your starting techs obviously include the War Sun and two of the prerequisites necessary to build it. Your priority should be teching up to the full capacity of the Warsuns, or else you will crawl through the galaxy with them. Also, the added security for your worlds by far-ranging PDS is a bonus as well as the better hit number for the Destroyers and Cruisers you will surely build to accompany your Warsuns. After that, you have several possibilities. In theory, you don’t need any more tech. Warsuns need a cover worth its salt because you rarely can afford to replace them; they are far too expensive for that.

Your racial tech is also kind of mediocre: while it lowers the cost of Warsuns by two, you need to build three to make up for it, and that would mean you already lost one which shouldn’t happen anyway. And War Suns that leave their cover of capital ships behind are of little use too, so in many cases you can simply leave this tech alone and invest your money in ships. The same is true for their second racial tech, “Nova Seed”. It allows you to blow up a system you control. Now, it is on the hand restricted to non-HS systems and MR, and on the other hand mustn’t be used on systems adjacent to a red-border system. That limits choice, and most of the times if you can attack and capture a system you might want to blow up, you can as well keep it. One of the most interesting uses for this is to blow up the Wormhole Nexus, which is perfectly allowed by the rules and may seriously cripple a race relying on wormholes in the given galaxy setup.

This is even more important since the Muaat are no race for long games. Their greatest advantage is that they have War Suns from the beginning; as soon as other races research them too they have little left to exploit. So try to aggressively end the game as soon as possible and don’t hesitate to use your ships. An important thing to remember while doing this, however, is that your HS is entirely defenseless when you leave with your War Sun to conquer other worlds. A bold enemy using Warfare II could easily fly in and blockade the SD, effectively crippling you for several rounds. If possible, use the Secondary of Production before by using your own SC and thus stalling before you have to leave to not block your fleet.

A real asset to cope with your early vulnerability are the TAs the Muaat possess. Both have a value of 2, which means that they are suitable to either buy a friend or bring in additional resources. This is the more valuable the less races with good TAs like Hylar or Winnu are playing along.

The leaders of the Muaat lack the Admiral that would make their first War Sun nearly undefeatable, but are not bad. The Scientist helps you to cut the cost of the few tech you need and, especially, of the SD you have to build up somewhere to make up for the bad build limit at home.

The representatives of the Muaat give their political standing some security. Additional votes with a Warsun in or next to MR, and strong deterrents against enemy spies on two of three representatives make them an unlikely target.

Their flagship is essentially a mediocre Warsun, fighting not as good, being cheaper and allowing you to create Cruisers with your racial ability, basically, which makes this method of stalling even more powerful than normally.

In the first rounds, Production is a really good SC for the Muaat. They need to build up real fleets soon or they’ll fall behind in the expansion. Leadership is very important to this race, too. You always want to have a good amount of CC in SA, so you can spawn that additional ships that not only give you new forces in enemy space but also bypass the mediocre build limit you have at home.

Again, the Muaat are no race for long games. You are not really strong in the beginning, and you have to be clear about that. Everyone else will go nuts and point fingers and say “Oh my god, he’s got a War Sun!”, but in the end it’s just one slow War Sun and nothing else, which lets you look strong and be weak when it should be the other way around.

Try to secure what you get and quickly speed up the War Sun so you make up for your posing, and try to distract early attention elsewhere with your TAs.




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  1. Just a thought, if i make the racial research to speed my war suns up, it could be a faster and cheaper method than getting 2 techs…

  2. Yes, but that’d mean full commitment to them, as you won’t any benefits for anything else. Teching and building a 2nd warsun afterwards would still make it two ressources cheaper, so you’ld pay 4 ressources for getting normal warsuns (if you take technology SC yourself). Still, you’ld pay 13 res for 1 warsun + speed, if you get both tech and production SC. You could do that quiet early, since you need 2 turns for this method, you only need 7 res in the 2nd turn.

    I think it depends on the situation wether you can afford to do that, since you wont have much CC to warp ships in, nor the ressources to build them yourself…

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