Twilight Imperium: The L1z1x Mindnet

From the strategy guide written by Stefan Sasse

Racial Ability:

  • Base cost of your Dreadnoughts is 4
  • You start with one additional CC in SA
  • Your Dreadnoughts receive +1 in space combat and your GF +1 when attacking

Starting Techs:

  • Enviro Compensator
  • Stasis Capsules
  • Cybernetics
  • Hylar V Assault Laser
Leaders: Agent, Scientist, Diplomat
Representative 1: R7-82 (C)  +4. If you abstain from this vote, gain one free Cruiser in your Home System.
Representative 2: 44G5I-0 (B)  +1. If this card is targeted by a Spy, the player controlling the Spy must abstain from the vote.
Representative 3: A6AH3 (S)  +0. Choose an outcome. If the result of this vote does not match your choice, kill any one Councilor that did not vote the outcome you chose.

Racial Tech 1: Dreadnought Invasion Pod (2)  Your Dreadnoughts may carry one additional GF.

Racial Tech 2: Inheritance Systems (5)  When researching Technology using the Technology Strategy Card, you may spend two additional resources to ignore one of the Technology’s prerequisites.

Starting Units:

  • 1 Carrier
  • 5 GF
  • 1 Dreadnought
  • 3 Fighters
  • 1 PDS

Trade Agreements:  1,1

Homesystem:  [0.0.0] (5/0)

Flagship: 0.0.1 (11 / 5×3 / 1 / 2)  When this ship is present, all hits from your Flagship must be taken by opposing non-Fighter ships (if able).

The L1z1x Mindnet claims to be the rightful descendants of the Lazax, the imperial race of old. They came out of the cold space from their distant home planet [0.0.0], oftentimes simply called “Null.” With them they brought a mighty fleet and a high standard of technology. They are here to conquer the galaxy and restore the conditions before the Twilight Era, and they will not ask nicely.

The racial abilities of the L1z1x arguably are among the weakest in the game. They only concern a very meager part of the game and don’t help that much until you researched Type IV Drive which is way down the tech tree, especially for the L1z1x. But let’s have a look at them anyway.

At first, your Dreadnoughts receive a discount of one, so you pay only four resources each. That’s not much of a difference, since in the beginning of the game when it would make one your Dreadnoughts are so slow that they don’t reach the enemy in time until powered up with Warfare II.

The second racial ability grants your Dreadnoughts a +1 bonus in Space Battles, which makes them arguably better and grants them the same hit number with Warfare II as the War Sun. Still, to be comparable you would need three Dreadnoughts, which would cost the same as the War Sun, but you can’t carry Fighters.

The third racial ability gives you an additional CC at the start of the game in the SA area. Yeah, great. Give the Mentak a hug and then whine about such racial abilities together.

A more important asset of the L1z1x Mindnet is their home planet. Null boasts an astonishing five resources that can be replenished with the use of Assembly Secondary, since there is no influence attached to it. This of course leaves you dry on votes, at least in round 1, where you only have one vote, regardless if you exhausted Null or not. So, there is no reason to wait. Unfortunately, Null is a single planet, so you can only attach one SD. That results in a maximum build limit of 8, which doesn’t really allow for the same quick fleet expansions like the Letnev or Hacan can boast of.

The first racial tech “Dreadnought Invasion Pod” of the L1z1x essentially makes Carriers for the Transportation of GF redundant. Every Dreadnought will be able to carry 2GF instead of one, so you can either fill up the Carriers with Fighters or build up capital ships instead. Their second racial, “Inheritance Systems”, is pretty expensive for the advantage it offers. It could be helpful to reach the Type-IV-Drive without investing too heavily in techs, but it seems very expensive for that, since you have to research one arbitrary meta-tech to do it, so in order for this to pay off, you need to skip at least two techs, better three, and in most cases these techs provide advantages of their own.

A great advantage of the L1z1x, however, are their starting techs. Like the Hylar, they field four starting techs, unparalleled by the other races. Also, they get a good combo, with one exception. With Enviro Compensators, they can quickly tech up to Sarween Tools if they feel the need of saving resources or teching to War Suns, which they shouldn’t need to in most cases. Stasis Capsules allow them to use their Dreadnoughts as Carriers for the GF, which helps them especially in the early game. With Cybernetics, they can quickly go down the road for other green techs and have a good position for heavy use of Fighters (don’t forget the build limit, though!). Hylar V Assault Laser at last opens you the road to all those red techs that give you a military edge. So from their good starting position, you can allow yourself to forego the Technology SC once or twice. Your big problem is the lack of blue techs, though. Your fleet is a lame duck until you get Warfare II or access at least to XRD Transporters. To maximize the use of the Dreadnought, you should plan on Type IV Drive too.

The starting units of the L1z1x are good, too. 5 GF allow for a quick initial expansion and can be transported by the Carrier and the Dreadnought. Three Fighters guarantee the accompanying firepower for the Carrier. A PDS secures Null against those young races too courageous for their own good.

So in the first round, Warfare II is an option for the L1z1x. You can reach systems farther away than normal, since your fleet is stuck with a movement of one. If you can get Tech, that’s of course something you should not bypass lightly since you can quickly go for Antimass Deflectors, but it’s not a round 1 priority. Instead, you could secure the Assembly SC, which gives you some AC and the option to stall its use until the others have exhausted their influence-heavy worlds. Since you lack influence, Leadership is an option, too. An interesting option could be the Trade SC. You can declare that you will allow all trading provided you walk away with decent agreements. Your 1TAs are not very much liked, though. It is essential to bully a rich neighbour if possible; the Hylar or Winnu are natural prey for this tactic, as well as the Hacan. Then you can throw away your other 1TA to a pariah of the game at the other end of the galaxy to ensure him being a pain in the ass for your enemies. In round 1, there is normally no need to invest in Production heavily since your starting fleet is good enough to allow you to go for other stuff.

Concerning building, you should try to get out some Dreadnoughts and send them to the outer systems as fast as possible. Since you are going for Type IV Drive, Cruisers are a natural choice, too. Then you have to decide whether to use Carriers and Fighters or Destroyers. This choice depends much on your build limit – if you don’t find a decent double- planet system out there, you might want to settle for Destroyers and grant them some Automated Defense Turrets instead of capping your build limit all the time with Fighters and wasting resources that can’t be spent anymore. You can then use all the Carriers and Dreadnoughts for troop transport and invade all the enemy planets. The Dreadnoughts can bombard them beforehand and soften up the defenders. This way, the galaxy is ripe for the taking.

The leaders of the L1z1x unfortunately lack an Admiral with which they could outfit their initial Dreadnought, so you have to make do with what you get. There’s the Scientist that additionally can boost your tech advantage. Use him on blue planets if you tech in that direction. The Agent is a good one in helping you to invade all your objectives with those tons of GF your Dreadnoughts and Cruisers can carry. No PDS will reduce your troops when he comes along. The Diplomat, at last, helps you to keep certain planets.

The representatives of the L1z1x generally favor abstaining votes or forcing others to abstain or vote the way you like. Regarding the influence of their home planet – zero – this seems to be an effective course.

Their flagship, on the other hand, is easily one of the if not the mightiest in the game. All hits from the Flagship must be taken in non-Fighter ships, and the Flagship scores an average of 1,5 hits every round! Against those nasty Fighter screens many races can supply this is powerful indeed, a great deterrent (not necessarily good for winning battles since the Fighters need to be destroyed nonetheless, but the cost for the enemy is driven up considerably if he loses his Carriers first.

Generally, the L1z1x aren’t the most diplomatic of races. They have a strong fleet and the resources to maintain it. Just use your ships and take what is rightfully yours. And that means a bigger slice of the galaxy than most players have. Insist on it. If they ask why, tell them “because” and point at your ships and techs. You’re the old bully, you don’t need to explain yourself or to be too accommodating. Just make sure you don’t piss off the wrong guys, but prey on the weak. Try to intimidate them into submission.


4 thoughts on “Twilight Imperium: The L1z1x Mindnet

  1. jol-narr, not hylar

  2. The Hylar are the race who comprise the Universities of Jol-Narr.

  3. These guys taught me what really matters when gauging the strength of each race. They’re one of the most competitive races in the game despite having what looks like the weakest special abilities (even a first time player recognizes what a garbage value dreadnauts are).

    Homeworld value is such a deceptively important factor. The difference between a 3 and a 5 resource homeworld is massive (it’s also the only thing keeping Letnev from being the worst in the game).

    And the starting techs! On par with Jol-Nar without the pesky -1 combat penalty! My hard rule on tech is that the most useful ones in the game are the ones that give bonus movement: XRD, stasis capsules, and gravity drive. And L1z1x starts with one of them! They’re only downside is that capsules is most useful on cruisers and they don’t start with any.

  4. Cool site!

    I usually play Mindnet. I find grabbing leadership early really helps. Once you build up some CC it’s much easier to accomplish more for them in a single turn. I find the second racial tech to be very useful even though its expensive. Building up tech fast is a big advantage.

    I disagree a bit on the flagship though. It’s too slow to get to battles and be effective. I tend to go for the WarSun since it’s only one resource more and fighters are far cheaper as cannon fodder.

    Getting Warfare II and Type IV drive, then showing up with a War Sun + 5 dreadnoughts of the apocalypse in someone’s home system is fun! 🙂

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