Twilight Imperium: The Ghosts of Creuss

From the strategy guide written by Stefan Sasse

Racial Ability:

  • You may treat “A” and “B” wormholes as if they were adjacent to each other.
  • You may always use wormholes, regardless of other effects or restrictions.
  •  Other players may not use “A” or “B” wormholes to travel into a system you control.

Starting Techs:

  1. Antimass Deflectors
  2. XRD Drives


  1.  Diplomat
  2. Admiral
  3.  Scientist


  1. Representative 1: San Omairo (B)  +1. If this card is targeted by a Spy, look at the targeting player’s AC and steal one.
  2. Representative 2: Sai Seravus (C) +2. Gain +1 vote for each wormhole you control.
  3. Representative 3: Soo Leirah (S) +1. Choose another player. He may not use Representative’s special ability (if not already used).

Racial Tech

  1. Racial Tech 1: Dimensional Splicers (3) At the start of a battle containing a Wormhole and at least one of your ships, You may assign 1 hit to an enemy ship of your choice.
  2. Racial Tech 2:  Slave Wormhole Generator (5)

At the start of the Status Phase, you may place (or move) your extra “A” or “B” wormhole token into an empty or friendly non-Home System.

Starting Units:

  • 4 GF
  • 2 Destroyers
  • 1 Carrier
  • 2 Fighters

Trade Agreements:  2,2

Homesystem:  Creuss (4/1)

Flagship: Hil Colish (10 / 4 / 1 / 3)  You may treat this ship’s destination system as if it had a “D” wormhole in it. When this ship is moving, treat its destination system as if it had the wormhole.


The Ghosts of Creuss are, quite simply, “the wormhole race”. Nobody takes that much advantage of wormholes, and their mobility is undeniably the best of all races. They can not only fly through A and B wormholes as if they were the same, allowing them to pop up nearly everywhere, but they may also create new ones, block existing ones for everyone else and thus deny them access. The downside is that they really can’t do that much beside these abilities, making them one of the weaker races.

Their first racial ability allows them to treat A and B wormholes as the same type. It is important to note that their very own D-wormhole is still not adjacent to these, so they need to fly out here manually.

Their second racial tech prevents other players and game effects from ever blocking the Creuss off the use of wormholes, especially through the means of some laws. Should the Creuss manage to pass one of these laws, their abilities become even more unique and powerful as they are anyway.

Their third racial ability allows them to block off any wormhole they control for use of other players. Since the Creuss need control of as much gates as they can anyway, the other players oftentimes aren’t able to use the wormholes that much anymore. Chances are good that the Creuss control any one of the two exits, and if they have the Nexus too crossing the board becomes almost impossible.

The HS of the Creuss, however, poses several problems to them. Not only does it share the mediocre values of the Sol HS, it is also one tile distant to the board itself – making the XRD, with which the Creuss begin the game a dire necessity. If the Creuss produce in their HS, only Gravity Drive gives them the speed that other races enjoy with XRD alone, and they need their flagship to really use it to better effect.

Additionally, their starting forces kind of suck. They have two Destroyers to accompany Carriers, but only one Carrier. Atop of that, the two Fighters would be sufficient for early protection of this Carrier, too, while four GF are too much for initial expansion with one Carrier, so your number one priority is to build another Carrier with two GF with the Production Secondary, which is exactly what your resources and the SC conditions allow. No coincidence, surely. Generally I experienced that the Creuss have severe problems getting a good fleet, so their strength lies more in indirect and sneaky measures. You will want to put your HS a bit distant to hotspots in the galaxy because of that.

Their starting techs would normally be great, but as mentioned above, they only serve to bring their fleet to the same range as normal starting fleets – one tile. So you really are at a disadvantage here if you not gain a good production system outside Creuss itself.

Their first racial tech “Dimensional Splicers” is a valuable instrument in combat, since it allows you to assign one hit at the start of battle on any enemy ship if the battle takes place in a wormhole system (which it mostly does, especially with the flagship). This can cripple enemy forces by destroying Carriers with GF, or by damaging Warsuns and finishing them with “Direct Hit” or something like that. The cost of this, however, is almost prohibitive. So if you don’t have enough money and access to tech, this one will most likely not get researched. The second one, “Slave Wormhole Generator”, can create new wormholes inside enemy territory. This can be devastating to gain access into enemy HS, especially since there is no way to keep the Creuss out of them. This tech, too, is very expensive, however, and oftentimes the Creuss are weak in their ships.

At least the Leaders of the Creuss are good. An Admiral can bolster a Dreadnought and make it fast enough to make a difference, the Diplomat can secure a vital system (not the HS, since that is protected by a single ship in the wormhole in front of it), and the Scientist makes researching tech and producing new SD cheaper, partially compensating for the Creuss weaknesses.

The Creuss also have good Representatives. Their Bodyguard is one of the strongest in the whole game, making them a very risky target and allowing for Councilor use more than most other races. The downside is a relatively weak spy, but in combination with certain other powerful Representatives from other races, it may have its uses, too.

The Creuss flagship is a different matter. It’s slow, has one of the worst fighting abilities and not much capacity. It does, however, serve as a D wormhole. This may be worth the high price it demands, since many techs such as “Dimensional Splicers” require wormholes, and since it allows the Creuss to use their HS for production. Whether these abilities make the purchase worth it is up to you.

Generally, I find the Creuss the weakest of the races introduced in the latest expansion, and I still don’t have a real clue about how to play them to best effect. Their mobility is nice, but most of the time, you don’t really need this mobility. It seems like its worth grows the more aggressive the game is and the fewer players tend to turtling.

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  1. I just played my first game as the Creuss, and I have to say that I loved them. You certainly pointed out their weaknesses, but once Slave Wormhole Generator pops up their worth skyrockets. My favorite tactic was dropping a slave wormhole in my home system after I built my flagship, then flying to the wormhole nexus an and taking control. If you keep your flagship there, the nexus becomes a portal for a, b, and d wormholes and is literally impassable for other players so long as you keep control of the planet.

  2. The Ghosts of Creuss are my favorite race and their Slave Wormhole Generator is fantastic, but I’m afraid the use you described is illegal. Read the card again; the SWG CANNOT open a wormhole in any Home System.

  3. Um their Flagship is probably the strongest in the game. Remember it creates a D wormhole in the system it is in AND when it moves the destination system has a D wormhole as well. This ship could have a base move of 0 and still get anywhere on the board in one move. Unless Fantasy Flight has clarified or errata’d it this is how it is worded. Making them quite possibly the second/third most broken race in the game, behind the Naluu and the Embers of Muat.

  4. I think i read an errata that the hill colish cant use their own wormhole.

    I will tomorow play my first game with creuss and im very excited 😉
    In Theory i think Hil colish is okay for cost of 10. In my opinion they have always movement 2 with gravity drive. Thats makes it really nice. I discus with some other player about that. Here is my argument if someone is interested in:

    Gravity Drive: If your ships begin their activation in a system adjacent to a Gravity Rift or Wormhole, you receive +1 movement.

    This means the moment where u check if gravity drive gives a bonus is during the activation step. At this moment the “D-Wormhole” is direct on the hil colish. Means this ship gets +1 movement. Then next step “movement” the wormhole moves away to the activated field.

    In result means this for me the Hil Colish would get always the +1 movement bonus

  5. Guys, i had 3 games with the ghosts so far. finally i think the most people don’t understand how to play and the sence of the flag ship “hil colish”. i think the race is one of the hardest and it is important to play the race right. this is a race which controls the whormholes in the universe and their flag ship can open a wormhole everywhere. read the sentence -> “When this ship (the flagship with the wormhole D) is moving, treat its destination system as if it has the wormhole”, you can open a wormhole everywhere when i say my destination system in a enemys home system! if there is a other rule, there must be an erata but think about it. it makes no sence for a race with such an ability to say you cannot do a mighty move like that. hey, i say it again, this is the wormhole race! the other races must fear them! now, how to play with this mighty ability: at first you try to build the flag ship as fast as possible and get that dimensional splicer as fast as possible too. it is no need to get more technologies! now move the flag ship with troops to get planetes somewhere on the board with high recource capacity to get many recources fast. in the next turns try to build many big ships in your home system, no need of a war sun build dreadnoughts and fighters and try to protect that damn cool flag ship. you need always a high fleet capacity to let your flag ship fleet grow. you can every time when you activate the system with your flag ship get reinforcements from your home system! imagine you jump arround the whole board and you get every time a stronger fleet! i attacked 3 different home systems of other players in 3 different turns one after another and every time my own fleet was stronger! the one important this is to take care of that damn flag ship. if a player is able to destroy this ship, your whole fleet stucks! if you play against the ghosts, don’t let them have the flag ship try to kill it as fast as possible this should be the priority 1 for every player and don’t let them have recources to buy a big fleet! i had a fleet capacity of 8 with the flag ship, 4 dreadnoghts and 3 carriers filled with stuff and i felt nearly unstopable. every turn i took the logistic stategy and increased the fleet supply and if possible the production or war fare strategy card in a 4 player game. finally, how to use this dimensional splicer -> imagine, every time when you jump with this unstopable ghost fleet in a system with enemy ships, you can assign 1 hit on a ship your choice and then use a direct hit if there is a war sun or other sustain damage ship. the other players will fear you! but that’s the way how to play this race. these are not friendly peacefull sientists or diplomats, they are everywhere, they can be everywhere and if you know these guys can be in your home system, all players will chance the way how they play! they will try to protect their home systems as hard as possible, they make dipomatic strategy agains the ghosts and they will try to catch and destroy this damn flagship. the other players cannot spent their time to look for their own goals it’s a must to play as team against this ship. stop the reinforcements for the flagship, take over the home system of the ghosts and destroy the flag ship!

  6. i forgot something! put yor admiral on the ghost flag ship for a adidional attack and keep distance to enemy flag ships like the virus flag ship, mentac, mindnet and everything which can be dangerous for your own. try to be always the first to jump away and try to take over planetes in every turn if possible or destroy small groups of enemy ships till you feel strong enough to risk more. i say it again -> don’t let them catch your flag ship! and if you think all this i tell you is wrong.. play the way you like, it’s just a game.

  7. Another idea how to play with the Ghosts:
    Racial Tech: The Slave Wormhole Generator! When you play with the Flag Ship, you don’t need the A or B Wormholes anymore because you can Travel everywhere. The interesting part of this tech is, let your enemies fight each other. Place wormholes next to home system of other players. Maybe you chose a other player who is playing a aggresive race and make it possible that he can attack another weak player. ask the player for trade goods for a new wormhole in a special system of his choice. in meanwhile you let your own fleet grown when the other player fight each other and at the end, you finish the game with a gigant fleet.

  8. I found that I could easily negotiate with players closest to wormholes for access into other players territory’s most people will happily give you their “support the throne card” if they think you can help secure their secret objective. And if the other player is desperate enough they just might give you another one to remove said wormhole and cut off reinforcements

  9. errata –
    Q: How, exactly, does the Ghosts of Creuss’ Hil Colish work?
    A: A system containing Hil Colish is considered to have a
    “D” Wormhole. While moving, only the destination system
    (the system activated), not the Flagship’s current system, is
    considered to have the “D” Wormhole. This system may only
    be considered a destination system if the Hil Colish will end
    its movement in the activated system. The Hil Colish cannot
    use the “D” Wormhole it generates.

    So you can’t actually use it to glitch around the map, only to reinforce stuff from your home system/s.

  10. Nice review, thanks.
    Btw, the Creuss HS is not protected by a single ship, as the racial ability only protects against attacks through “A” and “B” wormholes.
    I’m currently in a game as Creuss and I quite like them. They are not super powerful but my start was better than you feared in your review and by now it feels like I have a ton of options, as we have 5 a/b wormholes on the map.

  11. i had alot of succes claiming Mecatol early and stacking PDS units with Deep Space cannon and the racial tech to generate wormholes on Mecatol and one other system. That made it possible to strike in up to 14 different systems with a single stack of PDS and neatly allowed me to phase out my neighbours and claiming a third of the map (6 player game) as my own.
    on top of being able to move everywhere, Gravity Drive made my cruisers able to move up to four spaces and deploy mines everywhere, completely locking down any threat that might’ve ever come my way.
    On top of all that i easily dominated the political game (playing with the original Strategy Cards) due to the fact that i controlled both Mecatol Rex and Mallice (the planet in the wormhole nexus.)

  12. Unless i misread your strategy, I am not sure how you are able to strike at 14 systems with PDS fire. Wormholes do not count as adjacent for PDS fire, only for movement purposes.

  13. You’re right that they’re one of the weaker races. I’d put them just shy of the bottom 5. They’re more interesting than effective.

    Their problem is that they live and die entirely by the map setup. No decent player is going to put wormholes near them in galaxy generation, and without nearby wormholes you’re kind of dead in the water.

    I’m not sure where people are getting the idea that the flagship always gets the +1 movement from gravity drive. The D wormhole is only in the destination system, meaning that you wouldn’t get the bonus if you placed it 2 spaces away. Their flaship just really isn’t that useful. Its only utility is as a shortcut from units built on the homeworld, but why wouldn’t you have docks outside your home system by the time you could afford a 10 resource flagship? It does mean you could use the Splicer in every battle but that advantage is negated by the worst combat value in the game. In the end, you’re basically paying 10 resources for a dreadnaut and half a carrier, without being able to benefit from XRD or Type IV drives.

    You hit the nail on the head that the starting XRD is nullified by having to travel an extra space out from their homeworld. Their XRD is only useful after the first round and by then most of the races can easily get the tech too.

    They NEED the Slave Wormhole generator to do anything special and it’s the most expensive a racial tech can get.

    One thing that really makes me hate this race is that they screw up the “Master of Wormholes” secret objective. They basically make that objective impossible to fulfill, especially if the wormhole nexus is being used in which case it’s literally impossible. If you have that objective in a game with the Creuss, you’ve effectively lost because I’ve never seen anyone win without fulfilling their secret objective.

  14. I agree the SO is harder but remember that the Nexus need not be controlled to achieve this. There’s an faq on that. Also the D’s or Creuss dropped A’s and B’s aren’t required.

  15. I’m not so sure that Creuss are such a weak race. They are a bit map-dependent – if there aren’t many wormholes, they lose a lot of punch – but they are the undisputed masters of the sneak attack. Gravity Drive, Hil Colish and the racial techs mean that you keep your fleet scattered among your systems only to drop it like a brick on your enemies in a moment of weakness.
    I wouldn’t say they’re top-tier, but given enough WHs they can be a real tactical nightmare for your foes. I think I’ve only lost once out of about 5 times I’ve played them.

  16. Correction: Undisputed silver-medallists of the sneak attack. Yssaril are still a thing.

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