About Us

GameKnight Products Inc. is a small business that started in 2012 after a successful Kickstarter to create a set of poker chips designed for tabletop gamers. In the years that followed, we launched several new chip designs and have sold several hundred thousand chips to the board gaming community.

In 2013, we launched our Victory Chips project, a set of ceramic chips designed around using poker chips for scorekeeping in games. These chips featured a one sided design with a common back design.

In 2014, we launched our GemChips product – a new chips design featuring aligned edges.  These proved to be very popular among our customers and these continue to be a top selling product.

In 2016, our focus shifted to creating ceramic tokens for a whole range of other types of in game uses. Our GameKnight Tokens kickstarter offered over 20 different chips to choose from.

In 2017, we launched a new GameChip design. This time we used bold colors with large numerals to make a very easy to use set of chips for board gamers. These chips use a progressive edge design that have an increasing number of edge stripes to aid in better understanding chip values at a glance.

Heres a brief video that provide an overview of the GameKnight story.