About Us

GameKnight’s Victory Condition

GameKnight’s win condition is to create a place for gamers to find the best content about their favorite games.  GameKnight’s approach is to focus on popular games that have the most active and loyal followers.  We want to create strategy guides, report news, and organize the best information on the net.  We also want to provide gamers with a place to purchase premium game components and accessories to maximize players enjoyment of their games.

The owner

My name is Dave Breen. I’m in my mid-40’s and have a wife and two kids and live about an hour outside New York City.    I’ve been a playing board games since I was about 12.  My hobby started with RPG’s, war games, and of course the standard stuff like Monopoly, clue, etc.  I can recall playing Tactics II, Risk, and a couple of Avalon Hill titles that I can no longer remember the titles of.   Around the high school years, I mostly played RPG’s including; AD&D, Champions, and Top Secret.   In college, my focus shifted to CCG’s when Magic: The Gathering took the gaming industry by storm.    For the past 10 years or so, my game taste covers a wide range of board games, and deck-building type card games.  I also spend some time on PC games like World of Warcraft, and other less time consuming games.