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A TI4 turn assistant

I just stumbled across a post on boardgamegeek from user Nitrik announcing a project that to build a game play assistant app for TI4.

According to Nitrik’s post, the web based app has the following features:

This website is a TI4 full turn assistant, to be used on a side screen of your game (computer, projector, TV, etc.).
It takes in charge:
– 3 to 8 players games
– Turn Phases
– Speaker token owner
– Strategy picks
– Trade Goods on unpicked Strategies
– Initiative call and action tracker
– Vote counters for Agenda
– Victory Points
– Inactivity warning (to keep the game flow) 
– global timer
– auto-save (in case of PC crash or accidental page closing) 

The aim of this tool is simply to make the life easier for players. Only one must handle the mouse (no keyboard needed).

Here’s a link to the thread so you can find out more.

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