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The best storage for games and accessories

If you collect games, you are probably acutely aware of the storage challenges that are inherent in this hobby. I’ve found some solutions that work well – at least for me.  I thought I’d write a quick post to share these with you.


Let’s start with the games storage.  Like many others will likely agree – Ikea Kallax series is ideal for games.  The are sturdy and perfectly sized for most games – except the really big boxes.




Another great storage solution is this handy toolbox from Home Depot. The beauty of this particular toolbox is that it features removable bins. It works perfectly for those premium-grade realistic resource tokens from Stonemaier Games.  When you are setting up to play, just take out the bins needed…perfect.


It’s a Husky 22″ Cantilever Professional Organizer.  Costs about 30 bucks at Home Depot. The only downside is  it is fairly heavy.






For chip storage – after trying may solutions – I’ve determined that chip carousels are the best choice.  I managed to find a few 500 chip models on eBay.  These are great, only drawback is that these particular ones don’t have a lid, so taking them out of the house would require caution.


Stay tuned – hoping to find a few more things to add to this list in the near future.  Feel free to add your ideas in the comments.