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8 of the Worst Gaming Kickstarters…EVER

kickstarter-logo-k-colorInspired by a recent thread that I found on the ‘geek.  I started compiling a list of the worst Kickstarters.   I’ve mostly limited this to Kickstarters that have videos, as that increases the entertainment value, but there are many horrific projects that don’t even take the time to post a video.

Before we start – these projects are so awful that you’ll probably hate yourself for even looking at them.  You have been warned.

First up is one called “Get in The Chase” – apparently looking for $250,000 dollars, but only finding 3 backers chipping in a total of 7 dollars towards this disaster of a project.

#2 on this list of the bottom of the Kickstarter barrel is one named Heaven.  Needing $46,500 but finding only 4 backers and $381 dollars.  The video is 40 seconds long and must be seen to be believed.  I’m still trying to remove this from my memory.

#3 is called “The ‘Planet Kit‘ and it’s very deserving of a spot on this list. Falling far short of it’s goal of $88,000.

#4 must have been inspired by the Jump to Conclusions mat, this one is called “The Push“.  This one only found a single backer willing to support it.

#5 was cancelled – “20th Century @ War” –   it feel short of it’s target of 1.745 million dollars to make a massive 3′ x 7′ game.

#6 – “Pegasus : The Next Generation In Abstract Strategy Games” – found 14 backers, but the $38 dollars pledged fell far short of the 300k needed to produce this.   The music in the video will make you press the stop button long before you reach the end of this.

#7 – “Let’s Go Crabbing” – Looking for 35k, backed by 5 backers for $81.    The video is cringeworthy.

#8 – “CENTERPIECE small box holds a full sized board game” – Might be my favorite video – WTF is happening in this one… surprisingly it found $615 of funding.