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Building the Ultimate Game Room – Part 5: Done?

finished room 417

It’s been awhile since the last Ultimate Game Room post.   After about a 6 week build, the room is now complete.

This picture shows the before and after taken from roughly the same vantage point. The oak beam in the after picture is in the location of the removed wall.



For game shelving I opted for the Ikea Kallax shelves.   There are 3 of the 4×4 cube units, and 2  of the 2×4 cube units.

This next picture shows the room from the opposite side.   This was were the original garage area was.

The last remaining thing I’d like to do is to get different chairs.  The rolling chairs were Staples specials from about 5 years ago and they are quite worn.

I’d love to get some of the matching Geek Chic chairs, but at $800 per chair I need to explore more cost effective options.