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Geek Chic GM Valet

We just received our GM Valet from Geek Chic.

This is the “medium tall” model.

GM Valet

We choose walnut and standard hardware to match it to our Geek Chic Emissary table.

We decided on a few options added:

  • We choose to have our GameKnight logo engraved into a medallion.
  • We added a burgundy-lined ‘Entropy Engine’ – better known as a dice tower to common folk.

Our take:  Another amazing luxury accessory from Geek Chic.  Great quality, and a unique heirloom item that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

The fold-down top that turns the valet from a bookshelf into a a desk is a standout feature.  This allows the valet to sit quietly in a room  and at a moments notice convert into a desk.

Another nicety is that the GM’s Valet is built on wheels.  This is great for keeping it nicely positioned near a wall until you your game night where you can roll it into position for the GM.

If we have a couple of nits to pick, its about the drawers.  Most furniture has drawers that are mounted which rails\guides that make the drawer slide more easily and keep it even.    Without these guides, you need make sure you pull the draw from the middle so that both sides of the draw are opening at the same rate.  If you don’t the draw will get slightly wedged.  It’s not a major issue, but something to be aware of.

If you are an avid RPG’r and don’t have the cash to drop on a sultan table, buying a less costly table and a GM valet might be the ideal as it creates a separate space for the GM, and the players.

We’ll update this in the future after some actual plays.

It says some handy bins with configurable dividers.  Notice our bin full of Life & Death chips that we use for tracking health\hit points.

GM Valet

A shot of the ‘Entropy Engine’


GM ValetGM Valet


























GM Valet