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Belgian Themed Game Night

Last night the GameKnight group convened for our 1st Belgian themed game night.

Belgian Flag

Why you might ask?  We’re not sure…but let’s move on anyway.

We kicked off the evening with a game of Bruges.  This is a game about 15th century merchants who are vying for power in the Belgian city of Bruges.   In the near future, we  will put together an actual review of the game, but for now, let’s just say this is an amazing game.  After capturing a rare win – my normal game group has some real sharks – we moved on to main course.

Bruges box

The main event game for the night was Agricola using the recently released Belgium deck.   While I found the cards in the deck a bit underwhelming, Agricola always stands out as a masterpiece game.

Plus it gave me the opportunity to break out my fun polymer clay upgrades.

For beverages, of course we consumed Stella Artois which is a tasty Belgian beer.

One of our regular gamers, Joel, even brought a pound of Belgian chocolate to further the immersion in the Belgium theme.

Themed gaming is a great for a change of pace….feel free to post in the comments about  your best themed gaming experience!






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