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Building the Ultimate Game Room – Part 2

This is part two of a multi-part post chronicle my quest to have the ultimate board gaming man-cave.   If you are looking for part 1 try here.

One of the problems with having a dedicated LAN room was heat.  Having a room full of computers and gamers generates a huge amount of heat.  Originally, I had tried a window unit AC.  The AC unit size was limited by the basement window, so I tried the largest unit I could find for that window, but it wasn’t nearly powerful enough to keep the room comfortable in the summer months.  To solve this problem, ended up having a mini-split ductless AC system installed with a massive 24k BTU of cooling goodness.

walls 336

Now that the room has been converted into a game room, having that powerful AC unit is still a great thing to keep gamers from overheating during a marathon game of Twilight Imperium.  I would say one of the most important things about making a game room is to ensure you have good climate control.

  • TIP 1 – get a Air Conditioning unit big enough to keep the room cool

After taking out the MDF desks and putting away all of the PC components (storing them for a future project of course)…I started planning what changes would need to be made to make this into a board gaming nirvana.

I decided to forgo any type of major revisions to the space, and decided to change the color.  The dark blue worked well for the LAN room, but For board gaming, having a bright room would be better.  I ended up with a green color (looks like the color of money to my eyes).   In hind sight, an even lighter color would have been better.

Since the room relatively small, I decided to try to make the most of the wall space.  Here’s some examples:

walls 335


I ordered a magnetic whiteboard.  I thought this would be handy for a variety of purposes while gaming.  Creating maps for RPGs, score keeping, and if necessary just a place to hang reference materials using magnets.  It has turned out to be a very useful item in the game room.

Games that are hard to store such as Crokinole and Tumblin’ Dice also found space on my walls.  For Tumblin’ Dice, I used a hot glue gun to permanently assemble the board.  For Father’s Day I received a nice vertical chess set.  While it doesn’t actually get much play time, it is a great decorative item.

Stay tuned for our next article about building the ultimate game room!



4 thoughts on “Building the Ultimate Game Room – Part 2

  1. I love the clock. I’ve been looking for a fitting clock for our game room. Where did you get it from?

  2. Believe it or came from Target. The cool thing about the clock is that you can replace the images for each of the number so you can customize it.

  3. That’s cool! Any idea of the name of the clock. It’s hard to sift through the hundreds listed on

  4. I looked at the back of the clock and it has a sticker that says it’s made by the the infiniti international group. I didn’t see a part number or anything else that might help.

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