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King of Tokyo Clay

My latest round of game upgrades.  This time I decided to tackle those lame card board stand-ups that are included with King of Tokyo.

8 thoughts on “King of Tokyo Clay

  1. Great idea.

    Polymer clay? How big?

    I’m curious, do you create molds for these?

  2. These are about 3″ tall roughly.

    I believe the person who created this did them each by hand. No molding making involved.

    They are a fun addition to the game, but they in spots a bit fragile, so they can’t be smashed into each other and such.

  3. Interesting. I’ve been looking at casting in pewter or other metal or resin. I would think these would be quite suitable and viable for small scale production.

    I’ve started pulling links and info on different ways to produce games at my website.

    Its been interesting. Improved quality, alternate production methods, and, most exciting, new game design possibilities emerge once you escape the tyranny of cardboard.

    I’m curious to see what you guys do next!


  4. This King of Tokyo models are a great idea and they look great. I want to be able to bring stuff like this to market. The best games with upgraded components included. In my opinion it just starts to get muddy if the art is too similar to the actual game as far as copyright goes. For personal use its fine though.

    I love the idea of the victory point chips too. I can think of many games these would be useful for.

  5. Ok, I’m ready to buy, how much are you selling these for 🙂

  6. We’d love to sell them…unfortunately these were a custom item and not really feasible to mass produce.

  7. can you make me a set I’ll pay what you want!


  8. I wish I could help with that….the woman who made these for me left the country…not sure how to contact her.

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