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Win a set of GameChips

Enter for your chance to win a set of our awesome GameChips worth over $250.

Note – the prize will only be shipped to US address.  Sorry, please blame the international shipping costs for this restriction.


How to enter:

Step 1 – Register as a user of   It’s easy.

Step 2 – Post a comment that tells us what your favorite game is


Here’s a list of the chips that will be sent to the contest winner.

50 value ‘1’ chips
25 value ‘2’ chips
25 value ‘3’ chips
50 value ‘5’ chips
50 value ’10’ chips
25 value ’20’ chips
25 value ’50’ chips
15 value ‘100’ chips
10 value ‘500’ chips
15 value ‘1000’ chips
10 value ‘5000’ chips
1 Slow Player Marker
1 First Player Marker
1 Time Traveller Marker


Rules and contest info

  • Prize will be shipped to US address only.  Blame the greedy postal services.
  • No purchase is necessary to enter the contest.
  • Drawing of registered users of the site will be held on December 8th, 2012.
  • Winner will be contacted via the email address they used to register on
  • We’ll give the winner 2 weeks to reply.   If we don’t hear from you, another winner will be selected and you will be quite sad.
  • GameKnight Products can cancel\change the terms of the contest at any time for any reason.  We don’t plan to, but all the other contests like to say this, so we will too.




100 thoughts on “Win a set of GameChips

  1. My favorite board game is either Roads and Boats or Agricola.

  2. Gotta go with Agricola.

  3. 7 Wonders is my favourite game at the moment.

  4. I’ve been really into Quarriors lately. If you’ve not played it, it’s kind of like Dominion, but instead of cards, you use dice. Really fun!

  5. Quarriors & 7 Wonders win for me for different reasons.

    Quarriors because i am a dice fanatic
    7 wonders because of the simplicity in mechanics but depth the game can provide for such a short quick game

  6. I play a lot of different games and don’t really do favorites very often.

    But the Dark Ages set has grabbed my interest in Dominion again lately.

  7. What if an international winner paid the extra postage?

  8. Lets not complicate the contest 🙁 I’ll try to open up a future contest to international folks. If I opened this up, it would mean If I picked a winner, I would need to contact them to find out if they wanted to pay the international shipping, and if they didn’t I would have to pick again..and so on…

  9. Currently Lords of Waterdeep because of the wide appeal.

  10. Argh! Impossible. Ace of Aces. Nuclear War. Paranoia. Wooden Ships & Iron Men. Rivets. Warp War. Cosmic Encounter. History of the World.

  11. Right now my favorite game is Sunrise City.

  12. My favorite game is Dominion.

  13. favorite game is Age of Steam

  14. Favorite board game is Talisman

  15. My favorite game is Through the Ages.

  16. I’d have to go with Lords of Waterdeep, Eclipse, Dominion, Catan, and Smash Up! at the moment. I’ve been playing loads of new games so this could change very quickly.

  17. Power grid is my favorite, and those chips would be nicer than the poker chips that I currently use.

  18. My favorite game of all time is Merchants and Marauders from Z-man games. Love the varied mechanics and the fact that it has a war game, euro game, ameritrash game feel by combining the fighting, economics, trading and pursuit aspects of the game. A meatier game for sure but well worth the time to play.


  19. Currently, my favorite is Le Havre, but this changes all the time.

  20. Mage Knight, Merchants of Venus and really having fun playing Last Will lately.

  21. Stratagy: Star Fleet Battles, Card: Munchkin, Board: Runebound. Visual: Lost Worlds.

  22. It would have to be The Morrow Project and Mistborn for me. You’re amazing chips would be perfect for funds/ammo tracking! Morrow Project has never lead me wrong though, it was their kick-starter that lead me to your awesome product.

  23. It would have to be The Morrow Project and Mistborn for me. You’re amazing chips would be perfect for funds/ammo tracking! Morrow Project has never lead me wrong though, it was their kick-starter that lead me to your awesome product.

  24. Twilight Imperium, hands down.

  25. I’m a big fan of Grand Cru and GameChips will work great in place of the paper money.

  26. Command and Colors Ancients has got to be my stand out favorite.

  27. Dominion is my favorite game!

  28. I think that dominant species is still my favorite but eclipse is a close second.

  29. My favorite game is Cosmic Encounter – we play at least a couple times a week on lunch break. I love the design of your chips!

  30. One of my favorite has to be Bang. Love it!

  31. My favorite is definitely Twilight Imperium 3rd edition with both expansions. I can’t get enough of this game.

  32. Wow the list. I would have to say Quarriors.

    However there are so many more – Munchkin (a love/hate relationship), Ascension, Domination, Pandemic, Red Dragon Inn (Own #3 working on getting the others), Ticket To Ride (Vanilla), Boss Monster (soon!), Zombie Dice, Star Fluxx, Settlers of Catan, Texas Hold ‘Um (with cool gamer cards), Small World…hum I should stop there….

  33. I would love to win a set of chips. My favorite game is RA.

  34. My favorite would have to be Space Alert. However, my favorites that I would be able to use these chips for would be Power Grid and the Manhattan Project!

  35. Favorite game = Dominion (with all expansions except Alchemy).

  36. My favorite is Agricola with the championship deck.

  37. Love Lords of Vegas

  38. My favorite game is Saint Petersburg. Chips would definitely replace the paper money in that game!

  39. Android netrunner, can’t wait for more packs to be released for it.

  40. Right now favorite game: Battlestar Galactica
    All time favorite: Squad Leader

  41. My favourite game is Smash up right now, these chips look amazing!

  42. Cosmic Encounter. What else? 🙂

  43. Great products. Thanks for the contest and just backed the victory chips kickstarter!

    Favorite game is Caylus.

  44. My favorite game is any type of role-playing game with my long-time friends. But for board games, I’m still partial to Risk, Settlers of Catan, Axis and Allies, and the rare game of Monopoly. (Haters gonna hate. ^_^)

  45. My favorite games are mostly 18XX games. Which mean 1861, 1880, 1841, 1832, 18C2C, 1830, 1835, and so on. Some of course I like more than the others. Example I hate 1880 so much because I can’t win but its the one I agree to play the most right now to be ABLE to win.

    I also would use them for Imperial, Porte Rico, Race for the Galaxy, Power Grid, and who know what other game right now.

  46. Oh and quite honestly I’d give them away to my gaming group as I will be taking mine with me to Portland from Alaska when I move.

  47. lets see:
    Dominant species

    But close behind are smashup, Android Netrunner, and seasons!

  48. Through the Ages, Brass, Twilight Struggle and more …

  49. My favorite is Sentinels of the Multiverse!

  50. My favorite game is Dominion

  51. Favorite game? While the wife and I are new to the hobby (we found you thru our local game group, whose host has a plethora of your chips and they’re awesome!), I’d have to say Heroscape. We’ve spent far too much money trying to play catchup with that game. But that leaves out so many games….;)

  52. At this time my favorite game is Eclipse.

  53. Fav game: Stone Age

    but Lords of Waterdeep is gaining fast!

  54. Favorite game is 7 Wonders 🙂

  55. Mage Knight is my current favorite 😀

  56. My favorite game currently is Small World

  57. Probably my favorite game is Descent (either version), though recently I’ve been playing Pandemic and Defenders of the Realm, both very enjoyable.

  58. Currently hooked on Mutants and Masterminds.
    Or maybe some Munchkin

  59. Lately, game of choice has been Munchkin.

    On a side note: I can imagine that Monopoly would be fun to play with some GameChips.

  60. Favorite game is Agricola.

  61. My favorite game is Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition. Though I have and play a lot of different games.

  62. The last game that I played and enjoyed was Castle Ravenloft.

  63. My favorite game is Go. And these chips are just what go needs! 🙂

  64. My favorite tabletop game at the moment is definitely Malifaux.

  65. Still and always will be Tichu.

  66. One of my favorite games of all time is Power Grid and replacing the paper money with chips would be fabulous!

  67. Ticket to Ride I enjoy very much. PC Action Football, Dungeons and Dragons, Dawn Patrol,

  68. Favorite games are RPG’s (for which GameChips have multiple uses).

    But current favorite boardgame is Ticket to Ride (original).

  69. My favorite game is Heroscape but I have a couple hundred other games these would work great in.

  70. Fantastiqa (another recent Kickstarter acquisition) is holding my interest right now.

  71. I’m more of a top 5 person. RIght now they are:

    Tammany Hall
    Lord of the Rings (coop)

  72. Dominion is still tops for me right now.

  73. My favorite games are Power Grid and Railways of the World…both of which are drastically improved by using chips. I just wish mine were as pretty as these!

  74. I like a few quite a bit:

    Sentinels of the Multiverse
    Defenders of the Realm

  75. Favorite game ever? Probably Heroscape.
    Favorite game right now? Sunrise City or City of Horror

  76. My favorite game is Arkham Horror. There is so much theme, variety, and replayability packed into it, especially with all the expansions that you will never play the same game twice!

  77. Its difficult for me to name an absolute favorite. I guess I would have to say my top 3 favorites in no particular order is Heroscape, Warhammer: Invasion, and Neuroshima Hex.

    The chips are not necessarily applicable to these games, but I can think of a bunch of other games I own that the chips would be great to use.

  78. It’s really hard to choose, but my favorite game ever is probably Cosmic Encounter. Though I’m really enjoying FFG’s new implementation of Merchant of Venus.

  79. I think I’d say that Ra is my favorite game currently. Maybe not the splashiest game, but I love how your little mental math equation is constantly rebalancing and that it incorporates a strong push your luck element that is usually missing in auction games.

  80. Right now, one of my favorite games to play is Power Grid. I’ve been wanting to switch over from using paper money to chips.

  81. So many games. If I must choose one: Agricola.

  82. Just starting out in games now, so I don’t have a very big list of played games. Gotta go with Agricola.

  83. It seems dificult for me to name an all time favorite. If I could be given some leeway I would give a top 3 favorites:

    1. Dungeon Twister
    2. Smallworld
    3. Galaxy Trucker

  84. All time favorite is Civilization IV Gold Edition. If I must chose a board game, it would be Settlers of Catan.

  85. Probably have to go with Twilight Struggle. Although time permitting, Europe Engulfed is preferred.

  86. My favorite game is Power Grid.

  87. I can’t really pick a favorite of all time because there’s just so many great games out there. Currently, my favorites are Robinson Crusoe, Merchant of Venus, Android: Netrunner and Mice & Mystics. I’m looking forward to Nothing Personal which I would definitely be using these chips for! 😉

  88. Ticket to Ride is the best!

  89. I have many favorites, but my current favorite is Carcassonne.

  90. My current favorites are Pandemic and Lord of the Rings LCG.

  91. Currently we have been playing Pandemic and Power Grid and loving it.

  92. poo card game is a favorite of the family.

  93. Power Grid. It’s the best balanced, tightest game – every play is down to the wire. Stressful, but fun!

  94. I got started in Eurogaming with Railroad Tycoon and it is still my favorite. Also enjoy Power Grid, Prices of Florence, Settlers of Catan, Alhambra, Stone Age, Tigris and Euphrates, Formula De, Chicago Express, Fresco, Thurn and Taxis, and more!

  95. I love the fluxx games

  96. Acquire is still my all time favorite game. I play others, but still come back to Saxon’s Acquire.

  97. Favorite games include MageKnight, King of tokyo, Summoner Wars and Pandemic.

  98. I’m hooked on Ticket to Ride and Stone Age..

    But, I hate to admit it in public.
    (The first step is admitting it…)

    I still love older wargames..
    My favorite is still micro armor, with the old Angriff rule set..

  99. I have a lot of favorite games: Power Grid, Ticket to Ride, Manhattan Project, the list goes on. Been playing quite a bit of Seasons lately.

  100. Favorite has to be Lords of Waterdeep, can be easily picked up after first turn, so good for non gamers, you need to know nothing about the theme and I guess books it is based on? The Castles of Burgundy for regular gamers, great game but rough on non gamers or for someone just visiting. Waiting on Bora Bora for my next dice game, TCoB follow up. Everyone one seems to like Ticket to Ride Markin. TtR like LoW good go to games for anyone.

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