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Contest: Wanted 1000 Gamers!

For this game, you assume the role of a gamer who enjoys having the best gaming experience possible.
Your goal in this game is to win a set of 100 200 VictoryChips.   If you win, you will have the option of customizing your set, or receiving our standard pre-built set.   You can take a look at the VictoryChips on our web-store if you want to see more pictures and get more details about our products.
The game ends when the GameKnight Products Facebook page hits 1,000 likes.  At this point, a winner will be chosen by random selection from the players who have entered.
Strategy Tip:
Now, since you folks are gamers, you might be thinking, “Gee, I shouldn’t share this, or it will decrease my odds of winning.”   Not true, the drawing will not happen until we hit 1,000 likes.  Your better strategy would be to get your gaming buddies to enter, so that the chips might be won by one of the players in your gaming group.
You have two actions that you must perform.  The order in which you perform these actions is up to you.
Action 1: Like our page on Facebook – if you have already liked our page, you’re good on this action.
Action 2: Send an email to put GameKnight 1000 as the subject
IMPORTANT: To enter the contest you need to perform both of the actions listed above.  

The fine print:

This contest is for a set of 200 VictoryChips.  You can select the denominations, or we’ll send you a pre-built set if you prefer.

GameKnight will provide free shipping to the winner’s address.  Yes, even for you international folks.

We won’t sell your email, or spam you with junk email, we just need a way to track who is entered in the contest.

The winner will be contacted using the email address you provided.   We’ll give the winner 2 weeks to reply.   If we don’t hear from you we’ll assume you don’t like winning contests and another winner will be selected and you will be  sad.

You may only enter the contest once.   There might be some additional opportunities offered in the future to increase your chances of winning.

GameKnight Products Inc, can cancel the contest, or change the terms of the contest at any time for any reason.  We don’t plan to, but all the other contests like to say this, so we will too.

Yes, you need to be a Facebook user to enter.  That’s how this contest works.

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The Dice Tower review of GameKnight’s chips

dice tower logoIn case you missed it, Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower recently posted a video review that covers our GameChips and VictoryChips products.

If you are not familiar with The Dice Tower, it’s primary focus is on producing a weekly podcast that covers topics of interest to tabletop gamers (primary board and card games).   In my opinion, its the best podcast currently available for the gaming hobby.  If you’re not an active follower of The Dice Tower podcast, give it a try…it is audio goodness.

Please note that the  4/7/15 value VictoryChips were a Kickstarter Exclusive.  These values will be available for general sale next year.


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VictoryChips – Now available

IMG_1680 (1)

If you been waiting for VictoryChips to become available for sale..the wait is finally over now that we’ve shipped out all of our orders to Kickstarter backers.   Here’s a few of the comments from backers.

Got mine Saturday and they look awesome!” – James

Got my chips on Friday and very impressed with the quality. They are beautiful! Thanks.” – Scott

Head over to our store and check out this unique new product!


What are VictoryChips?

VictoryChips are custom ceramic poker chips that are designed to be the best way to keep track of scoring in tabletop games. The chips are made from high quality ceramic like the ones used in many casinos. Ceramic chips are extremely durable and since the image is embedded into the chip, the design will not wear off. The other advantage of ceramic chips is that the graphic design can cover the entire chip rather than just a small inlay like other custom chip types.
One of the unique features of the design is that the value is only visible on one side of the chip. The reverse side of the chip and the rolling edge are identical for all denominations. This feature allows the chips to be used for scoring in games with both hidden and open scoring mechanics.