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Our promo video

With so many new followers joining our site in the past few months, I thought it might be worth re-posting this.   Yes, its a bit of self promotion – but I think from time to time that’s ok.  Take a look if you are curious about our products.

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GameChip news

For those of you who own, or are considering buying GameChips, I wanted to share some exciting news.

I’m in the process of making a few design revisions to the GameChips product. Here are some specifics about the changes being made:

  • The 5/10/20 chips will have a redesigned rolling edge. While many customers like the current design, some customers mentioned that the gradient design on the edge makes them sad. The revised design will feature a more coin-like appearance. The edge will now have a pattern that will look like the ridges on the edge of a quarter. It will be uniform with no gradient. The face design will be unchanged.
  • A new set of designs for the 25/50/100 chips will be made available. The new design is intended to look like paper currency. The colors will remain similar (green/blue/black respectively). Although I do like the gem design, I felt that their were too many gem designs in the set. Now the set will be a more balanced mix of designs.

I realize that by making some changes you might have a few questions. Here are some  answers to the questions I’m anticipating that you might have.

When will images of the new designs be made available?  Images from the prototypes are attached to this post.

When will the new chip designs be available for purchase at the Likely to be February-March timeframe. These chips will also be available to some reward levels in the new Kickstarter project.

Can I still get the current designs? There are still some chips using the older designs in my inventory for immediate shipping at Once that inventory is depleted, I will be able to special order using the older designs if needed. This might take a few weeks longer, but you’ll still be able to get them if needed. I will try to keep this option available as long as possible.


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GameChips: Coming Soon!

The order with the manufacturer has been placed.  Once all Kickstarter rewards have been shipped, I will have a limited number of sets available for sale.  I expect this to happen by mid-June.

I’m currently keeping a list of folks who have expressed interest so that I can send out a notification once I have more details.   If you want to be added to this list, please send an email to and I’ll add you.

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GameChips Availability

I’ve received some questions regarding when GameChips are going to be available for purchase on this site now that the Kickstarter project has closed.   Although I don’t have a exact date, I’m hoping that they will be available in late May or early June.   I’m currently keeping a list of folks who have expressed interest so that I can send out a notification once I have more details.   If you want to be added to this list, please send an email to and I’ll add you.

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GameChips: Poker Chips for Board Gamers

UPDATE:  Although you may have missed the Kickstarter project, GameKnight will be offering these chips for sale in the near future (May\June 2012).   If you want to be alerted to availability, just send an email to and put GameChips in the subject line.


GameKnight has just launched it’s first kickstarter project. Follow the link to find out all about this great new accessory for board gamers.

My project is to create GameChips, a customized set of poker chips to meet the needs of board gamers.

Many board games use some form of game currency.  The problem is that currency components included with games range from ok to terrible with some rare exceptions.  Here’s some of the in-box components:

  • Cardboard tokens: Usually you need to punch these out yourself. They get worn out pretty fast, and sometimes they get torn when you are trying to punch them.
  • Paper money: This is probably the worst type of game currency. It rips, tears, and creases.  Try taking a game to the beach and watch it fly around.
  • Plastic chips: A little better than paper or cardboard, but these are often very thin and difficult to stack or pick up.
  • Metal coins:  Usually these don’t work that well because they are too small to stack.  Most don’t have a denomination printed on them.

Poker players and casinos found the right solution.  They realized that the best replacement for currency is the poker chip.  Not only are poker chips fun to handle, but they stack easily and make a cool noise when you throw them into a pile.

Unfortunately, standard poker chips have a few problems that make them less than perfect for board gaming.  Most sets of chips don’t have the right denominations for board games.  For example, how many poker chip sets do you find with the value of 3?  In board games, seeing a coin with the value of 3 is not uncommon.  Some sets have chips with no values at all.  However, this requires gamers to keep track of the various colors and their values. Finally, most poker chips have designs that don’t look right when playing board games.

The Solution

This answer is to create GameChips, a custom set of chips to meet the needs of board gamers.  The chips will have all the commonly used denominations for board games.  The graphic design of GameChips will feature easy to read denominations, and a look that will fit right in with wide range of board game genres.

The graphic design follows a natural progression of materials.  The low value chips (1/2/3) have been designed to look like they are made from wood, clay\brick, stone respectively.  The mid-range chips (5/10/20) chips have been designed to look like metal (copper\silver\gold) and the high value chips have been designed to look like gems (emeralds, sapphire, black diamond).

GameChips will be ceramic, just like many casinos use. Ceramic chips are considered to be the most durable and will last many, many years.  The other advantage of ceramic chips is that the graphic design can cover the entire chip.

Below is a grid that summarizes the rewards for reach level of support:

In addition what is shown below, users may customize the mix of denominations for a reward level.  For example, let’s say you want 100 chips, but don’t really want just 1’s & 5’s as shown below.  All you need to do is pledge your support for the “New Gamer” reward, and send me a message that you want to customize it (within the 9  10 denominations that I’ll be creating for this project of course), and we’ll work out the details.