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Dwarven Forge: Cavern’s Kickstarter

By Dave Breen

Looks like our friends at Dwarven Forge have been very busy since their highly successful Kickstarter for Game Tiles.     They just launched another Kickstarter project to create a new line of Cavern style tiles for use with your favorite RPG.  The tiles are designed for use with 25mm miniatures.

people of the pitI was recently running a Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure called The People of the Pit, and discovered that the original Game Tiles style didn’t have the right design to for the module.  The rough edges of the caverns just didn’t convey the right image when using standard dungeon style Game Tiles.

I’m very excited at the possibilities that the cavern setting will provide.   Given how effectively the team at Dwarven Forge delivered on their last project,  I’m lending my support to this project also.   See our review of Game Tiles for more information on how we rated Dwarven Forge’s original Game Tiles product.

My only challenge is figuring out how many sets to buy, and how many ‘add-on’ packs I’ll end up wanting.




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Agricola: Polymer Clay Components


Sure, playing with those wooden farmers is ok, but if you want to bring your experience to the next level check out the following.  If you’re interested in contacting the person who made the set for me, she has a page on Facebook.

I’ve only played a few games with these, but so far they seem very durable.  Everyone who has played with these upgrades has said they really add a lot to the game.



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Twilight Imperium: Fleet Movement Stands

I ordered a set of these Fleet Movement Stands from LITKO.  These look like a pretty cool upgrade for Twilight Imperium.  I’ll add more details about them once they arrive.  Not only do they look cool, having the fleets offset from the planets can make it very easy to tell see how many ground troops are present.


Tom Vasel did a recent video review of these for more information.



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Poker Hoody: Upgrade your game table

What is it?

Having a great table to play on is a need not a want for dedicated gamers.

If money and space were unlimited, I would order one of the awesome Geek Chic tables immediately.

Back in reality, we often end up using an existing table and it is adequate. To improve my gaming room, I decided to try out a poker hoody on my table. The poker hoody is basically a neoprene cover that fits over the table and has drawstrings (think sweatpants) that can be used to cinch the cover tight to the table.

You can check out the site for details and a video clip that highlights its features.

Dave’s Opinion

It definitely makes playing games involving cards more enjoyable. Having a soft surface lets you easily pick up cards and chips and quiets down noisy dice rolling. I’d rate it a Buy if you are a fan of card-based games like Dominion or even 7 Wonders.