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10th Anniversary edition of Ticket to Ride


Days of Wonder recently announced the 10th anniversary edition of their mega hit Ticket to Ride.

At GameKnight, we are huge fans of collector edition games, and this is one that we are especially excited about.

Here’s the press release from their site.

First introduced in 2004, Ticket to Ride has continued to delight millions of board game fans worldwide. This year the award-winning train adventure game turns 10 years old and it’s time to celebrate with this very special Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary Edition!

The Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary Edition comes in an oversize game box featuring new cover design and graphics. It includes a giant US board map that is 50% larger than the original. It still uses the classic US routes, but with new illustrations and design. There are 5 sets of finely sculpted custom plastic trains, each featuring a different type of train car and unique paint scheme reminiscent of toy trains of yesteryear.giant ticket to ride map

This special 10th Anniversary Edition is a “must-have” for Ticket to Ride fans. The game play remains faithful to the original classic US map version – but the new design, illustrations, oversized map and especially the new custom trains and tin storage boxes – take the Ticket to Ride experience to a whole new level.

Get Ready

Get ready for this amazing looking new version by brushing up on your skills with GameKnight’s exclusive free strategy guide.

Hardcore Ticket to Ride fans will appreciate our Ticket to Ride inspired denominations for VictoryChips.  These VictoryChips allow you to easily keep score.   Each time a route is claimed grab the appropriate value VictoryChip (1\2\4\7\10\15).     Check them out on GameKnight store.


by Dave Breen


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Quick Start Guide for Robinson Crusoe

In case you somehow missed, it GameKnight has a contest running for a set of VictoryChips.  Details can be found here.

Get playing quickly with this great Quick Start guide

Z-Man games recently posted an excellent quick start guide for Robinson Crusoe.  I’m printing it out and putting this in the box with the game.  I suspect this will be a big help in getting the game going fast.

The credit for developing this guide guide goes to BGG user Cedric Chong.  Here’s the originating post which provides a review of the game, and more info.




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World Boardgaming Championships 2013

WBC 1A couple of weeks ago,  I had the opportunity to spend a few days at the World Board Gaming championships held in Lancaster, PA.  Until this trip, my experience with game conventions was mostly limited to Origins.

The first thing to know is that WBC is  heavily focused on tournament play.

Each year they choose 100 or so games (aka The Century Group) that are the ones  for which players will compete.  The Century Group is chosen via votes by the membership of the Board Game Players Association.  The details of the selection approach can be found here.

Several games on the list are actually out-of-print titles which might make it challenging for new gamers to become competitive.
I’m not highly competitive gamer, so my goal was to explore WBC’s open gaming opportunities.  I was somewhat disappointed at what I found.
Open Gaming
WBC 6The primary area for open gaming is a room that is a repurposed dinner theater.   As such, bright lighting in the room does not exist.  Some efforts to increase the amount of light in the room were made, but overall I found it to be  generally quite poor.  This appears to be an ongoing problem, as I noticed that some WBC attendees carrying in their own table lamps.
There is another option however.  There is an overflow open gaming area in a separate building, that looks to have been an indoor tennis court that was remodeled to as a event room.  It was well lit, cool, and quiet.   Since this overflow area is not in the main building it didn’t have a huge crowd, which might be problematic for gamers hoping to find a game they could join.
Given the tournament focus of this convention, I suppose I should have expected the open gaming options to be limited.
Vendor\dealer hall
At WBC, I estimated that there were about 25-30 exhibitors in the dealer hall. There were a few notable vendors such as Stronghold Games, and Days of Wonder.  Stronghold was selling their newest title – Space Cadets: Dice Duel.   I was excited to see that Day’s of Wonder had a presence, but they didn’t appear to be selling products.  Overall, it wasn’t a bad mix of vendors for a small con.
Other aspects
The WBC event has very strong presence of wargaming.  From the dealer hall to tournament play, this convention clearly has roots in wargaming.  Although my focus is more on euro\amer-games, it was interested to see that war gaming is alive and well.
Another strong element of WBC is their availability of  Jr. Events.   There were ample opportunities for kids to play in tournaments.   The WBC planners clearly have made an effort to provide a wide range of kid friendly events. Kudos.
  WBC 10
Closing thoughts 
Overall, WBC is a nice small con, especially for those who are more interested in competitive play.   Aside from some challenges finding parking, I would rate the the venue as merely ok.
 In my opinion, The WBC could benefit from finding newer facility to host their convention, or at a minimum address the shortcomings of its open gaming area.
I am on the fence about attending this one in the future, but I think that gamers who enjoy highly competitive play, this is likely one of the must attend events in the US.
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VictoryChips contest – Ends February 2nd 2013 – Enter Now!!!

This contest is for a set of 100 VictoryChips.  You can select the denominations, or we’ll pick a standard set for you.

To enter the contest, you need to simply ‘like’ the two pages listed below on Facebook.  To make your life better, I’ve included the links.  So you can probably enter and be back here in like 2 minutes or less.

Like our new VictoryChips page

Like the GameKnight Products page

Only by ‘liking’ both of these pages will allow your entrance into this contest. It’s sorta like one of the missile silos that requires two keys to launch.    If you are one of those fantastic people who already ‘Liked’ the GameKnight page, you only need to LIKE the VictoryChips page and you are entered.

The contest will end and the winner will be selected on February 2nd, 2013.

Free shipping to the winner is included.  Yes, even for you international folks.

The winner will be contacted via the Facebook message.   We’ll give the winner 2 weeks to reply.   If we don’t hear from you we’ll assume you don’t like winning contests and another winner will be selected and you will be quite sad.

GameKnight Products can cancel\change the terms of the contest at any time for any reason.  We don’t plan to, but all the other contests like to say this, so we will too.

Yes, you need to be a Facebook user to enter.  That’s how this contest works.

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GameChip news

For those of you who own, or are considering buying GameChips, I wanted to share some exciting news.

I’m in the process of making a few design revisions to the GameChips product. Here are some specifics about the changes being made:

  • The 5/10/20 chips will have a redesigned rolling edge. While many customers like the current design, some customers mentioned that the gradient design on the edge makes them sad. The revised design will feature a more coin-like appearance. The edge will now have a pattern that will look like the ridges on the edge of a quarter. It will be uniform with no gradient. The face design will be unchanged.
  • A new set of designs for the 25/50/100 chips will be made available. The new design is intended to look like paper currency. The colors will remain similar (green/blue/black respectively). Although I do like the gem design, I felt that their were too many gem designs in the set. Now the set will be a more balanced mix of designs.

I realize that by making some changes you might have a few questions. Here are some  answers to the questions I’m anticipating that you might have.

When will images of the new designs be made available?  Images from the prototypes are attached to this post.

When will the new chip designs be available for purchase at the Likely to be February-March timeframe. These chips will also be available to some reward levels in the new Kickstarter project.

Can I still get the current designs? There are still some chips using the older designs in my inventory for immediate shipping at Once that inventory is depleted, I will be able to special order using the older designs if needed. This might take a few weeks longer, but you’ll still be able to get them if needed. I will try to keep this option available as long as possible.


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Win a set of GameChips

Enter for your chance to win a set of our awesome GameChips worth over $250.

Note – the prize will only be shipped to US address.  Sorry, please blame the international shipping costs for this restriction.


How to enter:

Step 1 – Register as a user of   It’s easy.

Step 2 – Post a comment that tells us what your favorite game is


Here’s a list of the chips that will be sent to the contest winner.

50 value ‘1’ chips
25 value ‘2’ chips
25 value ‘3’ chips
50 value ‘5’ chips
50 value ’10’ chips
25 value ’20’ chips
25 value ’50’ chips
15 value ‘100’ chips
10 value ‘500’ chips
15 value ‘1000’ chips
10 value ‘5000’ chips
1 Slow Player Marker
1 First Player Marker
1 Time Traveller Marker


Rules and contest info

  • Prize will be shipped to US address only.  Blame the greedy postal services.
  • No purchase is necessary to enter the contest.
  • Drawing of registered users of the site will be held on December 8th, 2012.
  • Winner will be contacted via the email address they used to register on
  • We’ll give the winner 2 weeks to reply.   If we don’t hear from you, another winner will be selected and you will be quite sad.
  • GameKnight Products can cancel\change the terms of the contest at any time for any reason.  We don’t plan to, but all the other contests like to say this, so we will too.




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Updated Agricola Strategy Guide

Winner of the coveted Spiel des Jahres award for “Best Complex Game in 2008,” Agricola is one game that definitely needs a strategy guide. In Agricola (Latin for “farmer”), you’re a farmer in a wooden shack with your spouse and little else. On a turn, you get to take only two actions, one for you and one for the spouse, from all the possibilities you’ll find on a farm: collecting clay, wood or stone; building fences; and so on. You might think about having kids in order to get more work accomplished, but first you need to expand your house. And what are you going to feed all the little rugrats? Check out GameKnight’s new, updated Agricola strategy guide! Click to view the online version, or download our new PDF version.