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A TI4 turn assistant

I just stumbled across a post on boardgamegeek from user Nitrik announcing a project that to build a game play assistant app for TI4.

According to Nitrik’s post, the web based app has the following features:

This website is a TI4 full turn assistant, to be used on a side screen of your game (computer, projector, TV, etc.).
It takes in charge:
– 3 to 8 players games
– Turn Phases
– Speaker token owner
– Strategy picks
– Trade Goods on unpicked Strategies
– Initiative call and action tracker
– Vote counters for Agenda
– Victory Points
– Inactivity warning (to keep the game flow) 
– global timer
– auto-save (in case of PC crash or accidental page closing) 

The aim of this tool is simply to make the life easier for players. Only one must handle the mouse (no keyboard needed).

Here’s a link to the thread so you can find out more.

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What happened to

Hi Folks,

Returning folks will notice that things look a little different now on the site. We’re in the process of making some changes. Don’t worry, we’ll still continue to host that great Twilight Imperium section that so many of you enjoy!  In the coming weeks, expect to see more changes.

Eventually, we’ll be moving our Ecommerce store over to this site – as currently it is a separate URL.

Thanks for your understanding during the changes.

ps. Each of the game resource pages can be accessed from the Strategy Guides menu above!



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Building the Ultimate Game Room – Part 4: The Expansion


This is part four of a multi-part post chronicle my quest to have the ultimate board gaming man-cave.

If you are looking for part 1 try here or part 2 is here and part 3 is here.

A little over a year ago I made the statement “I think the room is pretty much finished at this point…but my obsessive streak may kick in at some point and lead me to more changes……“.

Well it did.  So here’s the next round of improvement and it’s a big one.

The current space is about 12′ x 13′ – or 156 square feet.  After shelving for games, floor lamps, chairs, and of course the GeekChic Emissary – the room can accommodate about 5 gamers comfortably.   This was starting to feel a bit cramped, so I have decided to convert one of the adjacent garage bays into gaming space.  This change will bring the room to a whopping 35′ x 13′.

My key goals with this expansion are:

  • Add space for more games
  • Add space for more gamers
  • An area for video gaming – for the “kids”

Here’s a rough idea of what the project entails

and here’s a few pictures.

A view from the existing game room - showing the wall to be removed.
A view from the existing game room – showing the wall to be removed.

A view from the garage door.
A view from the garage door.

view from the back of the garage
view from the back of the garage

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A new project: The Lost Dungeons of Xon

Dwarven Forge Game Tiles

If you read our review of Dwarven Forge’s Game Tiles, you know that we really are smitten with them.

After a few sessions using Game Tiles, it became obvious that the modules on the market left a lot to be desired. So after a bit of brainstorming with a few friends, we decided to design something better.

We know that many folks backed both Game Tiles and Reaper’s Bones Kickstarter projects, so we decided that we would focus on creating modules that would take advantage of both of these great projects.


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Building the Ultimate Game Room – Part 3: The Table

This is part three of a multi-part post chronicle my quest to have the ultimate board gaming man-cave.   If you are looking for part 1 try here or part 2 is here.

My original gaming table was a basic folding banquet table.  The standard white plastic variety that you find in those big box stores.


This was a temporary measure.   I schemed to convince my wife that due to our recent kitchen remodel, the pub style cherry finished table no longer looked right in the room.   Eventually, this idea took hold and we found a new table for the kitchen, which allowed me to repurpose the pub table for the game room.

The pub table was a nice fit for the game room, and it was a good square shaped table design with leaves that could be opened to make the table either round or oval.    All in all it was a very good design and size for the room.  Most normal folks would have probably been satisfied with this.


My obsessive personality chimed in and informed me that the room could hardly be ultimate without getting one of the amazing tables offered by GeekChic.   After a few months of deliberation, and after spending some time at the GeekChic booth at Origin’s 2012 I decided to place the order and plunked down a healthy size deposit on April 18th.  I’m providing the dates to give potential buyers an idea of how long things might take.

Note that the deposit just puts you into the line.  The actual details of the order aren’t finalized until the table is ready go into the manufacturing queue.

On June 12th, I was notified that my table could move into the manufacturing queue.   Essentially this means that they begin the process of building the table.   Oddly, they require full payment of the remaining balance at that time. I found this to be a little unsettling, knowing that I was paying for something that I wouldn’t receive for many months.  Given the cost of the tables, the remaining balance is a fair amount of money.

The process of ordering a table is interesting.  The starting point is filling out a survey that has asks about your gaming lifestyle.   Some of the questions listed were:

  • What are your favorite game titles?
  • What is your game group size range?
  • What size is the room you plan on placing the table in?

After returning the survey, I spent some time working with one of the GeekChic people who made some recommendations based on the survey.   After a couple of weeks of back and forth decision making, it was finalized.  Here’s a few of the important decisions:

  • I ended up with a 3’10” x 6’8″ Emissary table – this was the largest I felt would fit appropriately in my game room.  It maxes out at around 8 gamers with 6 being very comfortable.
  • I opted for a 31.5″ table height – this seems about perfect for folks about 6′ in height – leg room is just right.
  • It has the 2.25″ vault depth – I’m hoping that this when my order of Dwarven Forge Game Tiles arrive, I’ll be able to create some fun settings and keep them constructed from session to session.
  • I selected to have the rail system on 3 sides, and a banker style drawer on one end.   I also had them create a custom poker chip insert for the drawer to hold my GameChips.
  • I picked a a bunch of bins and cup-holders that can be placed on the rail system.


On January 29th, 2013 I received my ‘baby’ pictures from GeekChic.   A few pictures showing the table in various stages of construction.

babypics 12 babypics 10 babypics 8 babypics 5 babypics 3 babypics 2 babypics 1

A couple of weeks later I received notification that my table would be shipping.

On February 2nd 2013, in the midst of a snowstorm, my table arrived.  It was supposed to show up at around 4, but due to the snow it was closer to 8 pm.

I haven to give a lot of credit to the delivery team.  I think most company’s would have just waited out the snowstorm in a hotel, but these guys pushed though to get it to me.  After setting up the table and going over some instructions, they left.

I had a couple of friends over that night, and we put the table to use right away.


Here’s some pictures of the table in a variety of configurations.


homecoming (1)


homecoming (2)


homecoming (3)


homecoming (4)

290 days from ordering to delivery.  It was long time to wait, but I’m very happy that I took that plunge.

I think the room is pretty much finished at this point…but my obsessive streak may kick in at some point and lead me to more changes……




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Quick Tip: King of Tokyo

While out at Origins we found a great new use for our Heart and Skull Status chips. These chips are perfect tracking your monsters health totals. At the start every player has health chips heart side up. As damage is taken flip the chips over the the skull side.

This makes it easy to see at a glance how much health each enemy monster has.

Finally, you can use VictoryChips to easily show how many points each player has attained.

thanks to our contributor Jeff Hannes for this great suggestion.KingofTokyo

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Contest has ended…and the winner is….

GameKnight is please to announce the winner of our contest for a set of 300 GameChips.

The winner is  TurquoiseKnight.  I’ll send  you a notification via email to get your shipping information.

TurquoiseKnight’s comment about favorite game is “I can’t really pick a favorite of all time because there’s just so many great games out there. Currently, my favorites are Robinson Crusoe, Merchant of Venus, Android: Netrunner and Mice & Mystics. I’m looking forward to Nothing Personal which I would definitely be using these chips for! ;)

Congratulations to TurquoiseKnight.


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New Store Site

Sorry we’ve been a little bit quiet on providing new articles and content on the website. We’ve been busy working on some new products, and in the process made the decision to move our store. The store is now located at

Among other things, the new store now supports an easier way to buy a complete set of chips without having to manually add chips to the cart.